We bring out the best in organizational leaders and teams.

Chain Reaction Partners has been providing leadership development programs and coaching services to scientific, technical and other organizations since 2001.

Our development programs and training courses help leaders collaborate effectively and inspire exceptional performance. Our coaching services help individuals and teams generate and harness visions, goals and resources to achieve superior results.

Our services focus on
The Five Responsibilities of a Leader.

We view leadership as a system of five relational dimensions in which each one affects the others. Building capacity in these areas results in better and quicker decisions, less time wasted on unproductive behavior and increased organizational agility. (Click here for a larger view of the Five Responsibilities.)

Development Programs

Learn leadership skills you will put to work right away, and continue to draw upon for the rest of your career.

Our leadership development programs yield lasting, meaningful growth through an engaging, optimized process. Our goal is relevance and practical application rather than simple knowledge transfer.

Applies to: Self, Other, Team, Organization, Community

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Training Courses

Become an inspiring leader who brings out the best in others and confidently navigates through change.

Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Learn to conduct conversations that consistently build the capacity, confidence and engagement of others.

Applies to: Self, Other

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Collaborative Leadership

Learn the challenging approaches, skills and processes that build shared visions and inspire others to achieve optimal team performance.

Applies to: Team, Other

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Leading Through Change

Learn a framework for understanding the elements of change and the tools and processes to successfully guide a change.

Applies to: Team, Organization, Community

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All Chain Reaction training courses utilize small and large group discussions as well as experiential practice, using real scenarios to ensure the learning is relevant and immediately applicable.

Executive Coaching Services

Discover what truly inspires you and maximize your full potential.

A confidential, collaborative coaching partnership can help you gain clarity and fresh insights so you can be your best self more often.

Applies to: Self, Other, Team, Organization, Community

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Team Coaching Services

Improve team performance by 20% or more.

Help your team realize its full potential, using a process that yields an average 20% improvement in team performance as measured by 14 key Team Performance Indicators.

Applies to: Team, Organization, Community

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A Few Words From Our Clients

“Executive Leadership Program was one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career. I highly recommend ELP for anyone interested in career development.”

Roger M. Wakimoto
Past Associate Director for the Earth Observing Laboratory, NCAR
Past NCAR Director
Assistant Director for Geosciences, NSF

“If your organization has people that want to change this is a very worthwhile investment that you will see a return on in short order.”

John Melchi
Deputy Director, Prairie Research Institute
Past Executive Director, National Center for Supercomputing Applications

“In a short amount of time they understood our culture and were able to relate well to staff. We highly recommend them.”

Rasheed A. Diallo
Past Chief, Succession Planning, Defense Commissary Agency
Chief Workforce Engineering Division, Defense Commissary Agency

“I consider it to be the best personal and professional development experience I have ever had. I don’t believe the impact would have been as profound if it weren’t for Chain Reaction Partners.”

Kathryn S. Schmoll
Past Vice President for Finance and Administration, UCAR
Founder Kathryn Schmoll and Associates

“This is the first management training I’ve attended to have gone way beyond theory and provided me, instead, with useable, on-the-ground skills that have made my job as CEO delightfully easier. I recommend it for everyone!”

Betsey Martens
President Emeritus, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO)
Executive Director, Boulder Housing Partners

“I am a graduate of both the Leadership Academy and the Executive Leadership program that Chain Reaction runs and I found both programs to be extremely helpful. They brought a lot of patience, humor and joy to the process. I highly recommend them.”

Catherine Shea
Past Chief of Staff, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Past Senior Associate University Counsel, University of Colorado - Boulder
Chief of Staff, University of Colorado - Boulder

“Chain Reaction Partners has contributed insight and has demonstrated an ability to understand and work with the unique conditions of scientific organizations.”

Thomas J. Bogdan
Past Director, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center
Past President, University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

“The workshop provides an opportunity for our managers and leaders to interact with each other in a meaningful way and walk away with the tools and insight to be more effective leaders.”

Patsy Byers
Vice President Human Resources, Clinica Family Health

“The listening skills I learned about and honed through Chain Reaction have made me a better manager, a better scientist, and got me excited about a new approach to doing science.”

Rajul Pandya
Program Director, Thriving Earth Exchange, American Geophysical Union

“We learned some valuable coaching techniques that help us be better team leaders. I learned to step back and really think about what people needed from me and help them solve issues for themselves.”

Kirsten Ruiz
Deputy Observatory Director, NEON (National Ecological Observatory Network)

“Chain Reaction Partners were experienced and very knowledgeable, guiding us to explore and grow in our work and in our lives. Their help has been invaluable to me and, I think, to NCAR as well.”

Vidal Salazar
Past Associated Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Scientific Project Manager, National Center for Atmospheric Research